Dear musicians!
My professional references you can read a bit later (down there on the page…). I would like first of all to focus on what will you get by coming to my classes:

1. We will work preferably on one piece of music prepared by you that you plan to perform on stage and probably would like to record, let's say for your new CD.

2. Will take a closer look what is necessary for a good performance – technique, psychology, how the music affects the public.

3. At the same time we will consider the differences between playing with a mic on a stage (live, of course) and recording on a mic (in a studio, even a home studio).

4. Then, you will get the basics of how to use your DAW (digital audio workstation, aka your computer) to record and edit the material you recorded in a Sequencer software (Cubase, Logic, Protools).

5. Some insights on what audio gear is out there – yeah, taking the financial aspect into consideration.

6. Give a concert, record something in the studio and have lots of fun (promise!).

I want to emphasize that the skills of mastering some basics in the production of your music is crucial nowadays. Lots of great musicians play well but their stage performances are not very convincing for the public and in studio they do not perform at their best. More and more new halls are not very acoustic, so micing is becoming a very frequent choice. And lots of times, the production of their recordings or mixer settings on live concerts give a much worse sound that they played actually.
Knowing how to tackle this is important for you. So,
- understanding the music, how it affects the public and why;
- how to prepare yourself for the stage and studio;
- how to use or set the equipment;
will give you an advantage to express yourself at the maximum and be in charge of YOUR music.

PS and now the CV – hope to see you.

Education :
- music school (of course)
- music college in Ljubljana (prof. V. Balzalorsky)
- academy at the Moscow State Conservatory (prof. Marina Yashvili)
- master's (post graduate) at the Moscow State Conservatory (prof. Marina Yashvili)
Specializations :
- Evegniya Tchugaeva (Vienna Music Academy, Austria)
- Pavel Vernikov (Portogruaro, Italy)
- Grigory Zhislin, Viktor Tretyakov, Zahar Bron etc. (master classes)
- and some other stuff, don't remember :)

Worked in (younger age) and with many orchestras. Chamber music as well. Had classes with the Borodin quartet as well (very nice), Glinka State String Quartet etc. I had some really great experience working with conductors such as Carlos Kleiber, Hartmut Haenchen, Anton Nanut, Ivo Drazinic and solists Mstislav Rostropovich, Viktor Tretiakov, David Geringas, Dubrovka Tomsic, Marjana Lipovsek, Irena Grafenauer etc.
As a professor I have taught at international master classes. During my post-graduate studies at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory I was the assistant professor of prof. Marina Yashvili as well. At the present time I am quite busy, so I give private lessons to students.
I do sit time to time as a member of the jury at international violin competitions.

Producer / sound engineer
Well, I have spent lots of hours in the studio learning how to make good sounding classical music recordings, mostly with voice, violin and orchestra. My latest products I have produced are two CD with a mezzo soprano, violin and the Russian State Symphonic orchestra of cinematography. Did help with many other productions as well.
I have been also the sound engineer (producer) for concerts with orchestras and soloists including myself on stage.
Apart from playing the violin on stage, I have conducted several times symphonic orchestras in concerts and in the studios (recording). And to conclude I do compose and arrange music for orchestra and write and produce singles.
I do like to work with curios and innovative musicians. So, I can learn something as well.