Our Academy


One more Summer Academy…? The Academy organizes master classes and concerts for more then eight years already. It started as Vila Bled Music Forum and Benjamin Izmajlov along with Alexander Kagan were its founders. Since then, lots of world known musicians had given lectures and concerts (N. Gutman, M. Yashvili, R. Simovich, A. Buzlov, A. Kagan etc.). It was led by Benjamin Izmajlov, violnist and professor as well. We have therefore grown up. Because of the ever growing demand for classes and concert halls, we've moved to the neraby beautiful town of Radovljica with its majestic Baroque Mansion where the Music school is located. We invited also a new professor, the russian Opera singer Ljuba Kazarnovskaya and with great success established The Slovenian Summer Academy of music in 2012. Along with many other internationally know professors are music family is growing every year! They will give to the young musicians much more, than technique, interpretation, style, etc…: During the lessons and in private talk the young artists will learn about the deep understanding of the music, about the back ground of each music piece, especially the importance of the human voice - violin, as these two instruments are so similar to each other and both can learn from each other. Join the Festival - Concerts and the final Gala round of the program of the "Slovenian Summer Academy of Music". Welcome!

Our approch:

  • EXPERIENCE - Our professors are all experienced teachers as well as top performers and top specialists in their fiedls

  • SINERGY - by combining differnet styles and kinds of instruments, the "voice - violin approch", psychology, stagecraft, ballet lessons and a healty environement along with the option of joga classes, the results are fascinating. For advenaced performers, studio and stage recording classes (with recording equipment) as well as DAW classes (sequencers) and composition are available. It is a new and inovative aprroch to better understand all the different aspects of the "music world".

  • CONCERTS - During each phase of the perticipant's music development, they have the possibilty to perform infront of the public in many concerts the Academy organizes. Apart from giving concerts in the splendid Baroque Hall, concerts are organized in other cities nearby as well. It is our belief that performing in concerts it is of crucial importnace for young musicians to develop their skills at their best!

  • DVD/CD - All the master classes and the concerts will be recorded on video or audio so that the participants will have the opportunity to get their classes on DVD or CD.

  • ENVIRONMENT - the Academy is located in the southern footsteps of The Alps, along with beautiful nature, buildings from the 16th century, fresh and healty food, the participants will have the possibilty to take JOGA classes in order to fully absorb the knowledge:
    "Mens sana in corpore sano"


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